Commercial Real Estate Is the Real Deal, So Why Aren’t We All Investing in It?

Commercial real estate is straightforward, proven, and worthwhile. It is that kind of investment that anyone would want to have, but not anyone can have because it is a limited market. There are only two ways to own commercial property: if you inherit it from your parents and if you buy one. The first one is a no-brainer. When you inherit commercial real estate, you’re almost set for life. The second one is tricky and that’s what everybody wants to achieve. Buying a commercial property, after all, is not a walk in the park.

Indeed, commercial real estate was not spared by the coronavirus pandemic. Even in Singapore, where the ultra-rich have made their fortunes through commercial properties, this form of investment had its challenges. As the pandemic hit the city-state, office buildings show their rental rates go down as many businesses had to close permanently or transition into a work-from-home setup. But does this mean you have to forego your dream of owning a commercial property?

Not really. The truth is that commercial real estate is still the most viable form of real estate investment. But to be truly successful in this investment, you have to know what challenges you have to face.


Finding Funds

Unless you inherited a parcel of land, you are going to have to buy this on your own. But the question is, how will you be able to afford it? The only way to afford commercial land is to find a low-interest loan or mortgage. You will have to pay off this mortgage for a long time, so make sure that the land you are buying will generate income to help you repay the loan.

But to qualify for that low-interest property loan, you need to take better care of your finances. You also have to show the lender that you can pay off the loan. Otherwise, the lender will not trust you with that money.

Improper Valuations

Generally, commercial properties are good investments; there are times, though, when a commercial property may be valued more than its real value. These are the kinds of investments that you should avoid or at least, that you should think about twice. Every property is unique. They have their own strengths and weaknesses. Failure to account for the proper valuations of each property can be the path to financial ruin. When that happens, you will be paying for the maintenance of a property that no longer generates proper income.

Financial Ignorance

Owning a commercial property isn’t the same as owning a residential property. The taxes are different. Plus, you need to pay for permits and comply with zoning regulations. Failing to understand the complexities of the financial requirements for commercial real estate maintenance can lead to huge problems. You need, for example, to learn the difference between debt service coverage ratio and loan-to-value.

Failing to Do Due Diligence

Look, it’s more acceptable to lose to another buyer than dive into buying a property you barely understand. If you aren’t prepared to own and manage commercial real estate, then you have no business involving yourself in it for now. Don’t make an offer for a property just because you are threatened someone else will buy what you are eyeing. This is why if buying commercial real estate is in your future plans, start learning about it as early as now.

You might even want to get preapproved for a loan, so you can make an offer immediately for a commercial property in the market that caught your eye. Making sure that you are financially stable will also go a long way toward achieving your goals of investing in this type of real estate. Commercial property is a no joking matter, and it will take a lot of commitment from the intended buyer.

Not Working With a Team

Finally, a lot of investors feel that they can do things themselves. They don’t even hire a broker and simply choose the property they’re eyeing to buy. Not working with a team of experts is detrimental to your investment. When they said two heads are better than one, they were not joking. Even geniuses like Bill Gates and Elon Musk have people advising them about investments and real estate. Brokers are experts in their chosen fields. You will do better just by listening to them.

Commercial real estate is one investment that everyone should strive to work hard for. It has many benefits in the future, especially if you plan to retire early. This is one way to make sure that you will have a comfortable and relaxed retirement life.

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