What Teenagers Should Learn Before Driving

If you could, you’d probably rather have your children in the passenger seat for the rest of their lives, with you driving and deciding where to go. That way, you can protect them from everything on the road that’s beyond your control. But such a thing is not practical. Plus, it makes you look like you don’t trust your children at all. You can’t envision them making the right choices for themselves.

So, even if it scares the bejesus out of you, at one point, you need to muster all of your faith and bravery to teach your children how to drive. Here are words of wisdom to impart to your dear ones.

It’s better to arrive late than to never have arrived at all

We sometimes tend to rush things. We feel like if we get to wherever we want to go quicker than everyone else, the rewards will be better. But that’s not always the case. Sometimes it’s better to take it slow. Such is the case with driving, especially for beginners.

So teach your kid that their goal is not to land a role in the Fast and Furious franchise. Their goal is to get driving down pat without risking themselves or others. Reiterate that only fools rush in, and you raised no fool.

Keep your eyes open

This lesson applies to pretty much everything. You can’t go on with life with eyes closed or even with eyes half-open. There’s too much to see and realize. And those are not possible without you being as woke as you can be. But let’s go down from the metaphoric to the literal, zero in on why your kids need to keep their eyes open while driving.

They need to see the road and all the other commuters they share the road with, for starters. Plus, they need to be on the lookout for road signs so that they’re properly guided. There are even road marking paint to be conscious of, especially those that warn about imminent dangers. All of these require the person behind the wheel to be 100 percent aware and focused.

If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there

Sometimes a driver inevitably will get lost on the road. Even with the help of technology like Google Maps, there are days when your journey is derailed by confusing turns and roadblocks. Teach your kid that if they find themselves in that situation, the important thing is to stay calm and collected.

They can rest for a while to gather their wits. Once they are ready, they can hop on the driver’s seat and tackle the difficult road ahead, trusting they’ll find their way in time.

The way you drive says a lot about who you are

This is probably one of the most important insights you could teach your kid about driving. Sure, most of the time, they will be on their own behind the wheel. They might think no one’s judging them. But that’s not the case. Everyone on the road will have a clue on what kind of person’s behind the wheel based on how they are driving.

For instance, a driver who’s quite reckless, overtaking without concern for other people’s safety, will be frowned upon. Emphasize to your child that’s not the kind of driver they’d like to be.

Focus on the front windshield but never forget to look back at the rear-view mirror

Driving requires the driver to see where they are going. It also requires the driver to look back where they came from. The best way to arrive safely at one’s destination is to do both of those without fail. Focus on the windshield and check out the rear-view whenever it’s necessary.

Make sure that your kid takes this piece of wisdom to heart. Obviously, it’s something that can be applied to more than just driving. It can be symbolic of how a person goes through life in general.


One day, your kid will be behind the wheel on their own. When that time comes, you must be confident that you’ve shared with them everything they need to learn about driving and more. And while you wait at home, do not be consumed by worries and fears. Trust the universe to take care of your child. Open your laptop, go to Netflix, and chill. You have a grown-up now. The best you could do is hope that they know better than to break your fragile heart with bad news.

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