The Perfect Wedding

On your wedding day, all eyes will be on you – all aspects of you, that is.

Of course, people will notice your hair, your dress and your makeup. But don’t forget, they’ll also be looking at your hands a lot. Between detailed shots of your ring exchanges and the signing of the marriage certificate, your hands will get time in the spotlight.

So what’s a bride like you to do?

Sparkle like a professionally retouched e-commerce photo of a jewelry by minding your nails! But don’t be too complacent. You’d think that after choosing the shoes, wedding hair and your wedding dress, choosing the nail polish or nail art for your big day would be easy. However, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the number of options – a norm that comes with DIY wedding programs.

Instead of going crazy on nail art options, here’s a simple list of suggestions. From simple neutrals to bolder nail art and hues, consider the following wedding nail ideas.

Wedding Nail Ideas

  • Petite Hearts. Hearts out for this adorable manicure design. Ask your manicurist to add tiny hearts to your neutral-colored nails. They can freehand the design for you. If you want to do it by yourself, purchase a sheet of nail decals.
  • Soft Dove Gray. Neutral shades aren’t always nude colors. Go gray for a modern (and a bit) moody color that will not overpower your look. If you want a sweet and minimalist vibe, choose a gentle dove gray. If you want an edgier feel, go for a darker hue.
  • Something Blue Flowers. Your nails can be your something blue. Paint your nails white and decorate them with blue blooms for a fun spin on the “Something Blue” tradition.
  • Metallic Mani. If you want to be the glam bride, try nearly chrome-like nails in glowing gold. Why not match the metal of your engagement and wedding ring to prevent color clashing.
  • Contrasting Nail Art. Who says brides can’t wear black on their wedding day? If you can’t have a black wedding dress, rock the dramatic black polish for a chic nail look.
  • Luxe Lace. Play up the lace on your dress by mimicking the design in your nail art. Take a close-up photo of your dress’s lace and ask your manicurist to match the little details.
  • Classic Wedding White. Nothing says “bride-to-be” better than the classic white. To keep your white polish from looking streaky, use a ridge filling base coat and let each coat dry before you apply another coat of white nail polish.
  • Romantic, creamy white. If you’re not satisfied with the basic white, know that there’s another white shade. In contrast to the classic wedding white’s modern and stark opaqueness, the creamy-white promises a creamy texture and milky aesthetic.
  • A Fresh French Aesthetic. There’s nothing more wedding classic than a French manicure, but you need not have to go with the customary style if it doesn’t suit you. Play with the colors of the tip or try curving to play with the traditional French manicure.
  • Bridal Blush. If you’re not a big fan of nude shades, try a light pink polish for a delicate shade. Go for pastel colors that lean toward a milky aesthetic. Deeper blush shades give your nails a barely-there appearance.
  • Romantic Red. If you’re the bolder bride, this one is for you. Rock a deep burgundy or a fiery scarlet for a romantic wedding nail look.
  • Gold Foil Detailing. Add a sense of glam and style to your bridal manicure by painting bits of gold foil. You can go all out with an abstract design or be a little subtle by limiting the glitz to the sides.
  • Stunning Silver. Showcase your engagement ring by complementing it with a stunning silver manicure. Catch more light by adding a wash of glitter.

Complete your wedding look by taking care of your hands and painting your nails. No matter what you choose, make sure that it matches or complements your overall theme and the wedding dress for the best day ever.





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