7 Ways To Help Your Child Revise For A School Exam

7 Ways To Help Your Child Revise For A School Exam

When your child goes to school, they will have plenty to learn each day. Every so often, they will get tested on their knowledge of the topics they are learning. As you can imagine, the older a child gets, the more they will need to remember (because they get taught more).


If your child has to revise for an upcoming examination at school, they are going to welcome any help on the matter. As a parent, there is plenty you can do to help your offspring remember everything so they can recall the answers in their mind during the exam. Here are seven ways that you can help your child to revise for their school examination:

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1. Use flashcards


Did you know that flashcards are an excellent way to associate things in your brain? The reason is that we as humans are good at visual associations and are far more likely to memorize them. You can usually buy flashcards on your child’s particular subject. Alternatively, you could have some printed for you from Quizlet.


2. Use crossword puzzles


If your child likes puzzles, you can combine that interest with education to create revision crossword puzzles! Places like WordMint let you create and print out custom crossword puzzles, so you can have a few sets for different topics within each subject area. As with flashcards, crossword puzzles can also be useful visual associations.


3. Ensure your child revises somewhere quiet


It’s an obvious fact that if your son or daughter tries to learn in a disruptive environment, they are unlikely to remember anything useful for their exam! With that in mind, it’s crucial they revise for their exam in a quiet room of your home.

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4. Encourage them to answer test papers


It’s usually possible to download or purchase test papers for their upcoming exams. Bear in mind that it’s unlikely all the questions will be in the exam they have to complete. But, your child can get a sense or feel for what types of questions they are going to get asked during the examination.


5. Make sure they stick to a revision timetable


There’s nothing worse than spending every spare moment revising for an exam. Some people believe it’s the only way to remember everything, but in reality, the opposite happens. If your offspring sticks to a revision timetable with plenty of breaks between sessions, they are more likely to memorize things.


6. Make sure your child eats and sleeps well


To have a fully functioning brain, especially one that can easily recall information, it’s important to have plenty of sleep. It’s also crucial that they don’t snack on junk food!


7. Don’t stress out your child


Lastly, it makes sense to help your son or daughter to relax and not feel like a nervous wreck. Piling on the stress to your child is the last thing they need because they’ve already got plenty on their mind.

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