Creative Ideas to Keep From Being Bored

It’s not very often that I have time to be bored. However, when I do find one of those rare moments when boredom sets in, it’s insanely hard to get out of that funk and find ways to keep from being bored. Have you ever felt the same? If so, keep this blog post in your back pocket for next time! Here are creative ideas to keep from being bored (or get out of that weird boredom funk!) – 

Learn a new skill

Have you ever considered learning a new skill? There are so many different skill sets that you could learn how to do. Doing the same thing every day can get boring and sap your zest for life. While trying something new requires more effort than turning on the TV, the benefits are numerous. For one, it can definitely boost your happiness, because you feel yourself growing. It can also boost your overall health, too, because as you learn a new skill, it will definitely help improve your overall brain health. Depending on what the skill is, it can also help improve physical health, as well. With your new skill, you could help people (more on this in a minute), and a new skill could also help you improve happiness and give you more daily motivation, too. I mean, think about it. Learning a new language, practicing an instrument, or tending to an herb garden can give you energy, joy, and a sense of purpose. Especially after the past couple of years where so many people have struggled!



Create a business opportunity

With that new skill that you learned (or with a skill that you already had), create a business opportunity for yourself and help others while you are at it. Maybe you have a gift with kids and/or animals. Set up a babysitting or petsitting business. SO many parents (yes, pet parents too) would be very appreciative of the help, and you would make some extra cash that can go towards groceries, other expenses, or more fun things like vacations, clothes, or whatever else you love. Creating a business opportunity for yourself is the perfect way to keep from being bored. In fact, you don’t know how big things might get, so you might eventually help someone else from being bored by hiring more people on your team. You never know what the future holds and the possibilities are endless!

Make a fun change in life

Sometimes, all you need to keep yourself from being bored is to make a fun change in life. This change could be a huge change or a small change – as long as it inspires you, brings you closer to ultimate happiness, and brings new opportunities your way, that is a GREAT change to make. Sometimes, change can be scary and it can push you to limits that you didn’t know existed, but if you push past the scary moments, so much good can come out of changes in your life. Plus, you don’t have to do it all on your own. You have people to lean on! For example, if you are making a big change by moving, get help from friends and family members. You’ll already have help from a great agent and moving team (or if you don’t, definitely get them!). If you don’t know where to start, start with reviews. With Star City Services, you can rest easy no matter if they are doing local moving or Roanoke long-distance moving. They have the experience, the good reviews, and the can-do attitude to get it all done with ease!

Star City Services

Read a book or listen to a podcast

Reading a book and/or listening to podcasts can do two things: it can save you from being bored in the minute AND it can get you interested in other projects, which will save you from boredom long-term, as well. You can learn so much from reading and from listening to podcasts and I truly believe that if you read and listen to the *right* things, you can grow so much from them, as well.

Get outside

Oh, this is one of my top recommendations for pretty much anything. There is so much to do outside and there are so many benefits, as well. Did you know that going outside is an instant mood booster? It can help reduce stress, increase happiness, and it can help get you active, as well, which benefits both mental and physical health. Get outside and garden, go on a walk, or even just swing.

Meet up with a friend

Last but not least, meet up with a friend! Everyone could use some social time – it is so important to connect. Go on a walk, go out to lunch or dinner, just have fun. You deserve it!

123 thoughts on “Creative Ideas to Keep From Being Bored”

  1. I learned how to play the guitar when I was too bored during lockdown due to covid 19 last year.
    It was painful to press on the guitar string at first, but then I didn’t give up and now I can play some songs and sing along with it. I’m totally proud of myself hehehe =)

  2. These are all excellent options! I’m usually doing a mixture of all of the above and I can’t remember the last time I was bored. Definitely sharing this one with others!

  3. The blog title alone made me think of an answer my DiL gave during a Jackbox game with this exact same prompt. Her answer: “Literally anything”. I often times hear people complain about being bored but then they end up being unwilling to try anything different or at all and that can be so frustrating! These are great suggestions!

  4. This is great advice. I set up my own business. I’m never bored and always have something different and interesting to do.

  5. These are great stuff to be more active and not get bored. For me, I prefer to learn new skills that I know will help me boost myself.

  6. This is even a good list of tips for kids! I can’t stand when my kids complain they are bored. I should encourage them to learn a new skill!

  7. These are all really great and amazing ideas! Thanks for sharing this with us! I enjoy reading this! My fun change is also a vacation!

  8. these are all wonderful ideas, the one that stands out is creating a business plan and meetin up with friends, also doing some excerise is something to do when your bored.

  9. These sound like good ideas for staying occupied. I actually have a hard time finding any time in my schedule! But I can imagine there are times I am looking to find something to do.

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