Avoid The Post-Vacation Bloat With These Activity Holiday Ideas

Going on vacation is a chance to unwind, recharge your batteries, and gain a little perspective on life. 


But there’s a problem. 


While holidays are essential, they’re also when we tend to deviate from our lifestyle goals the most. The all-you-can-eat buffet in the hotel cafeteria is an enemy with whom you do battle every day. And, most of the time, you lose!


The good news, though, is that there are a host of vacations out there that don’t encourage slovenly or gluttonous behavior. In fact, they’re rather wholesome. 


Here are some ideas for breaks that’ll help you avoid the post-vacation bloat. 


Vegan Yoga Retreats In The Mediterranean

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People typically go to the Med for parties. But the region has always been one of the most health-conscious anywhere in the world. The residents of the Italian island of Sardinia and the Greek island of Ikaria are among the healthiest and the longest-lived in the world. 


It should come as no surprise, therefore, that health retreats pepper the region. You can barely walk five meters without seeing a random commune dedicated to flushing toxins from your body and helping you find inner peace. 


The best retreats are those with a bit of science behind them. Here, you spend a week with about a dozen fellow travelers munching on chickpeas and salad greens and spending long hours practicing your yoga skills. By the end of it, you’re ten pounds lighter and feel a whole lot better!


Cycling Tour Holidays


Recently, we’ve seen an explosion of bicycle-based holidays, such as those offered by Happy Cycling Holidays. And it is not hard to see why. 


For keen cyclists, going on vacation has always been a challenge. Not only do you have to pack your bike into a bike bag and stow it on an aircraft, but you also have to look after it once you arrive at your destination. Very few hotels offer bespoke facilities. On top of that, you somehow have to navigate your way around a country which may have very different rules for exploring off-road. It’s a lot of effort.

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Many cyclists are fed up with all the hassle and just looking for somebody to do all the hard work for them. And, fortunately for them, many companies are willing to take that burden off their hands. 


Surfing Holidays


Yoga retreats and cycling tours are great, but what if you’re the sort of person whose idea of a holiday is spending time on a beach? Well, there are even options for you too. 

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Surfing holidays are, as you might guess, holidays based around surfing. The format that these take varies, depending on the provider. Some hotels provide all-day surfing instruction as part of the price. Others liaise with local professionals. 


Some focus on technique – others on the fun. There are even surfing holidays for hardcore enthusiasts who want to travel around to beaches with the most impressive surf. 


Gaining weight and feeling bloated after a holiday, therefore, isn’t guaranteed. In fact, you can use your break to have fun AND get fit. It’s a win-win.

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