Stronger Together: How To Help A Loved One Dealing With Loss

There is no doubt that losing loved ones is one of the most difficult challenges we face in life. If you have a friend, partner, or family member who is grieving, and you’re desperate to help, here are some tips to take on board. 

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Give them time

Grief affects people in different ways, and people respond to loss in all kinds of manners. Some people are ready to talk about how they feel within days, while others won’t say a word for months. Some throw themselves into work and keep busy, but others will become isolated and struggle to get out of the house. If your friend or relative is dealing with grief, give them time. Keep checking in on them, but understand that they might not be ready to offload or open up straight away. It might take weeks or months for them to feel that they can turn to you. Make sure they know that you are there whenever they need you and be patient. 


Help them to remember their loved one

Often, we find it difficult to talk about people who have died, especially in the days and weeks after their passing. Death can be a taboo subject, and we find it awkward to approach the subject with friends and family members. Despite the fact that it might not be easy to reminisce and to ask people how they feel, it’s important to remember those that have left us and to share happy memories. You can help those close to you to cherish their loved ones by talking about them, flicking through photos, and looking into buying keepsakes like pendants which can be filled with cremation ashes. It’s important to realize that some people won’t be ready to take a trip down memory lane in the first few weeks. Approach the subject gently and let your friend or relative know that whenever they want to share tales or stories, you’re there to listen. 


Extend invitations

Losing a loved one is not just distressing because you miss that person terribly. It can also be unsettling because it changes life as you know it. For many people, for example, losing a partner is felt most keenly when they’re sitting at home alone on a Sunday afternoon. Previously, doing nothing with somebody by your side may have been blissful, but now, there’s nothing but loneliness. As a friend, you can help to ensure the person you care for doesn’t feel alone and try and encourage them to be sociable as and when they want to. Having plans in the diary can help to give people something to look forward to and ensure they’re focusing on the present and the future. 


There is nothing more difficult than dealing with the loss of a person you love. If you have a friend or a relative who is struggling to cope with bereavement, you might feel helpless. The truth is that there is nothing you can do to bring that person back, but you can offer support, reassurance, and love.

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