Creating Fantastic Family Fun In Your Own Backyard


If you, like many others, are busy practicing self-isolation with your family, then you’re not going to be spending as much time in the great outdoors. It’s recommended you get out for exercise, but nothing else non-essential. As such, playing with your kids can be limited to your home most of the time. Boredom can quickly become a problem and, as such, lead to plenty of tension and tantrums. Make the best use of your outdoor space and you can ensure everyone gets the sunshine and family fun they need.

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Make a sandbox

Kids love getting creative. They also love getting messy. Combine the two together and you have a winning formula. Creating a sandbox doesn’t have to be too difficult, as this step-by-step guide from This Old House details. It might not quite be the beach, but you can all get out the plastic shovels and sand-castle makers, and turn it into a play area that’s great for kids of all ages. Just be sure you’re not using cheap materials that can splinter the wooden frame.


Create your own obstacle course

Want to make sure that the kids (and big kids) get the exercise they need, even when they can’t get out of the house? In that case, there’s nothing like challenging them to move around and complete physical challenges to trick them into it. There are plenty of DIY garden obstacle courses you can find and make for your children, no matter how much space you have or whatever the budget. Just make sure that you’re taking into account the ages of your kids and choosing those best suited to your own.


Get gardening together

There are kids who will have plenty of energy to burn in the backyard, just as there are children who are a little more introverted and like to spend their time on quieter, slower activities. To that end, if you have a corner of the garden that you could landscape into a bed, with enough sun and good soil, then you could create a little garden to tend together. Your kids can help prepare the soil, water the plants every day, and watch as their hard work pays off with some growing greenery. If you grow foods in your own garden, it can even help you eat well while in quarantine.


Make it more of a playground

A lot of parents like to take their children to local play parks where they can play on swings, slides, jungle gyms, and all other sorts of fun fixtures. If your garden doesn’t have too much in the way of those playground attractions, then why not consider adding one yourself? Swing-sets from Component Playgrounds can work just as well in the garden as they would in any play park, so long as you have space and the budget for them. Furthermore, the right swings can serve as whole-family entertainment for years to come if you give them the right care and maintenance.


Create your own garden boardgames

Boardgames can be an excellent way to distract the kids for an hour or two, as well as to teach them about winning and losing gracefully, and how to have fun even when they’re not up for running around. As such, this DIY giant Jenga tutorial from MrDiyDork should serve as inspiration for how you can create your own oversized board games designed to be taken outside. Just make sure that if you’re using wood for board games that you’re using light, softwoods and that your children are old enough to play with them, as well.


Let them get drawing

As mentioned, many kids will take any opportunity to exercise their creativity. You just need to give them the right tools. If you have a large patio or plenty of stone walkways in your garden, then you can let it become the canvas for your kids with a chalk kit from Crayola. Sure, having your garden covered in all kinds of colorful doodles might not be great for your curb appeal, but there are fewer signs of a happy household. Plus, it’s all going to wash off in the rain anyway so it shouldn’t be too much of a big deal.


It’s important to be able to keep your fun varied and engaging throughout the coming weeks until we get on the other side of this global problem. Hopefully, the tips above serve as some inspiration, but they shouldn’t stop you from finding your own fun and coming up with your own ideas, as well.

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