Balancing The Brightness With Boldness In Your Decor

The modern home is incredibly bright. We have all kinds of LED lights in our home such as lamps, stair lights, reading lamps, and even on our ceilings. They are powerful and even more efficient than conventional bulbs. They add a lot of light into our home giving us a lot of exposure and amplifying the color of everything around us. However it’s not just the lights in our homes that allow us to live in a vivid environment, we also have spectacular decor options in the way of sofas, chairs, kitchen backsplashes, and countertops as well as tiles in our bathrooms. Of course, you could just add brightness the old-fashioned way by painting the walls of your home in springtime shades. One could ask the question for this day and age, do we live in too bright homes? Maybe we don’t think so because we’re always surrounded by the most used color of our time in interior design which is neutral white. How about balancing the bright with the bold?

The boring sofa

Perhaps, to begin with, take a look at your sofa. Usually, contemporary sofas will come in the common earthy brown tone. They might come in a dull grey occasionally or quite simple the matte black shade. Sofas have always been the highlighting piece of the downstairs decor. They continue to be the center of attention when guests come over and for the family also. Yet, sofas are often boring. They are meant to be enjoyed and not always seen as a fashion statement. So interrupt the bold or plain color of the sofa with a few bright cushions. For example, if you have a white sofa, pick out some royal blue or sunrise red-colored cushions to offset each other. Do the opposite for a dark sofa such as black, by adding yellow cushions or pearl white instead. Balance out the boldness of the sofa with a little additional brightness.

Something of life


When we think about color in a home and how it should look natural and beautiful, what better way than to send flowers to your house to bring life into your living space? Take for example a phalaenopsis orchid which is bright white flowers that stand tall and they spread out wide. You could put this in the corner of your dining room if you don’t have a plant already. The glass or wooden dining table and chairs could also be balanced out by a Rio de Janeiro bouquet. The bright festive colors would do brilliantly in an office where there are a lot of neutral tones. The bright yellow, pink, and greens would bring a natural healthy presence into a dull room. If flowers are not up to your liking at the very least you can buy some hanging plants to live in the kitchen where they can get lots of light and water. 

Wild Rainbow Flowers in a Vase, Flower Gifts

No home should sway too much to one side or the other. Bold colors should be offset by bright colors but incorporate this into your entire interior decor. Start with the sofa and work your way around the home from there.

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