Dear Dads: Here’s Why Your School-age Kids Need You Now More Than Ever


These days, rarely do households only have one provider. Most families have both parents working while their kids get to enjoy the house all to themselves and sometimes under the watchful eye of a sitter. While mothers often feel the need to take on childcare seriously, it is time that working fathers start getting more involved in caring for the kids.

People often see dads as the family’s provider. They work long hours each day just to pay the bills, will spend a bit of time with the kids, and let the mom do most of the work back home. They often take the role of the disciplinarian and would take on other household responsibilities. These include home repairs, finding experts to take care of mold remediation, and financing home improvements.

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Why Dads Should Be More Involved in their School-age Children’s Life

Every parent may have different parenting styles. But studies show that involved fathers can benefit their school-age kids in more ways than one. Some of these benefits are as follows.

How dads can make work-life blend work

These days, more people are trying to achieve a work-life blend. One must realize that there can be no perfect balance between work and personal life especially when you have kids to take care of. Your role as a father does not stop after providing for your family and disciplining the kids whenever necessary. If you want your kids to grow up to be well-adjusted adults, they also need a more involved father. Making a few changes in your priority will help you better navigate the work-life blend.

For one, make sure you get to spend enough quality time with all of your kids and wife. A once-a-week family date night is always a good way to improve your bond. You can consider driving your kids to school or picking them up whenever your schedule permits. Attend as many school activities your kids are involved in as possible. Take your kids out on special occasions and be ready to tell them if you can’t commit to outings.

Sometimes, work can get in the way and stop you from always being there for your kids. They may feel sad because you might miss some important events. But keeping a clear communication will help them understand that you are only doing this to better provide for their needs. Tell them that sometimes, things won’t go their way and that this will make them feel negative emotions like anger and frustration. But this actually helps build their resilience and improve their ability to cope with different situations.

A father’s role is not just to provide for their family financially. Dads need to be more involved in raising and caring for the kids. If you want to raise them as mentally healthy and emotionally stable adults, then chose to be a more involved dad.

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