Family Activities You Can Do During Lock Down


You might think to stay indoors with your family during a quarantine is a dream come true, but it can be a nightmare to some. The recent lock down in many countries stressed the importance of family bonding. Still, it also revealed our need for privacy, or as some people call it, a time allotted for self-reflection and isolation. This was more apparent to many city-dwellers, as limited spaces and lack of outdoor areas in many apartments and flats had many families feeling more stressed out as they spent more time together indoors.

Family Stress

For some people who still wanted to live in the city, it seemed that moving into a new condominium for sale was an option, as their community pools and communal areas can be appealing. But even with these attractions, the current social distancing measures make it impossible for many condo owners to use these spaces as well. So what could families do when they have nowhere to get some me-time?

Create routines for everyone.

Children need structure, even more so when times are difficult. Create a schedule for their meals, lessons, playtime, and even bedtime. This schedule can help create pockets of time for parents to relax and unwind in between caring for their children and doing their work. You could also create a schedule for parents to provide care and do housework alternately. When things happen according to a schedule, people are less stressed and feel more in control of the situation.

Make time to do things as a family.

Make sure that family activities, such as dinner and game night, continue. These family rituals are vital in allowing parents and children to communicate and share their feelings. It can strengthen bonds and maintain a sense of normalcy in your family life.

Eating together is vital in creating bonds and sharing stories. Game night allows everyone to enjoy each other’s company while doing mentally stimulating games, whether it’s a board game, a card game, or even a computer game.

Let family members choose a ‘me-time’ corner.

If you live in a small house, designate a place for each family member as their ‘me-time’ area. Agree that when anyone goes to their corner, they need some privacy and cannot be disturbed. Provide times for these as well, so children won’t use it as an excuse to avoid chores or lessons.

Do something creative.

Bonds are stronger when families do things together, but doing something creative such as painting and music allows for individual creativity and group dynamics. Make it a fun time that everyone could enjoy. Allow for collaborations and individual pursuits so that everyone would use art as a form of release.

People are not born to be caged or spend their days indoors. We love our families, but we need time for ourselves and to experience nature in the outdoors. If you find yourself climbing the walls out of anxiety and stress, do these things to bring a sense of normalcy and control in your life during these difficult times.

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