Rekindling The Flame In A Long-term Relationship

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Has the fiery passion that once existed in your relationship been reduced to embers? It could be time to rekindle that flame.

Many couples in long-term relationships can end up settling into a dull routine. Here’s how you can break free of monotony and make your relationship exciting again.


Go on dates

Dates are a great opportunity to focus purely on each other, which could be needed if you’ve both been distracted by other commitments. You don’t have to go out to an expensive restaurant – simply spending a couple of hours together somewhere out of the house may be all you need whether it’s walking around a park or going for coffee. It’s important to not involve anyone else who may steal the attention. This means not meeting up with friends or family. If you have kids, it’s worth getting someone to babysit. This way you’re forced to talk to one another and connect.


Try new things together

The beginning of a relationship is often fun because the two of you are going through lots of new experiences together. By trying new activities, going to new places, and tasting new foods together you can recapture that excitement. Examples could include trying a salsa dancing class or going ice skating or trying oysters – anything that neither of you has done.  


Surprise each other

Surprises can also rekindle the excitement of being in a relationship. This could include sending a romantic text out of the blue or looking into flowery delivery and having some roses delivered to your partner’s workplace or even throwing a surprise breakfast in bed. Such surprises will show that you still care for your partner and may fill them with that initial giddy feeling of love.


Come up with joint goals

It could be worth coming up with goals that you can both work towards. This forces you both to work together and support one another. This could be a savings goal such as saving for a dream vacation or saving up to move home. Alternatively, you could try to learn something new together – this could be a new language or an instrument. If you’re both out of shape, you could even vow to get fit together by taking part in joint exercises such as jogging or going to the gym together.


Keep physical contact

Physical contact is also very important for keeping a connection between you. Whilst having kids may result in less time in the bedroom, you can still try to make an effort to hug and kiss one another each day. Hugs, in particular, can be a small gesture with a big impact – they can help to relieve stress and make you both feel supported. If you haven’t been getting physical, it could be time to start breaking down the barrier – you don’t want to get to a stage where it’s awkward to touch one another.

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