Staying Your Best Self Through The Hard Times

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When you think about it, there are many influencers that could cause us to be lesser people than we are, day after day. The boss calling you into work on a Saturday because of issues with the systems there? This may make you wish to call and curse through the phone, but of course, you know that would be rude and so either attending or politely declining is the best way forward. If someone cuts you off on the way to work, you could curse, flash your lights and swear at them, or you could try and calm yourself and simply focus on your good driving.

When you stub your toe on the table leg as you walk through your kitchen, the white-hot rage that flows through your veins for approximately 1.5 seconds may show how amazingly irritable we come when unjustly harmed like this, but we usually allow that to pass and laugh at ourselves. People, for the most part, are very good at subverting problems and turning them into something neutral. But what about going through the really hard times? Is it possible to stay your best self, or is that a pipe dream?

We would encourage the following advice:


Troublesome Relationships

Troublesome relationships can take a lot out of you, and they can also bring the worst from you. For example, reasons for losing custody when going through a messy divorce are bolstered by the behavioral conduct either party may give at this point in time. Additionally, trying to ‘score points,’ or continually falling back to one another despite toxic behavior, or trying to make damaged friendships venomous at the end can really have a big impact on you, and you may not recognize yourself. This is why it’s important to take a step back, breath, and act rationally to the extent that you can.


Low Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem can often lead us to think we are much less valuable than we are, and that’s of course a great shame. Staying your best self through the hard times practically demands trying to work on your esteem, so that you do not throw away everything good in your life. Force yourself to exercise (as healthily as you can), eat well, to avoid trying to find comfort in alcohol or in allowing people who harm your sense of self-worth to stay in your life. It’s important to combine these things in the best manner possible.


Unfortunate Circumstances

Unfortunate circumstances can knock us for six, but not only that, reconsider how we live life on a daily basis. This is important to consider, as while none of us can avoid unfortunate circumstances, we can allow ourselves to feel our emotions, and also learn from them. This way you will not fight the tide but will be able to surf on it.

With this advice, we hope you can stay your best self through the hard times because you’re likely much more powerful than you think.


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