Child Acting Out? Here’s What To Do About It


As a parent, you know that you’re going to want your children to be happy and healthy as they possibly can be. But you won’t always know the best way to go about that. It’s the same when you’re a teacher too. As a teacher, when you’re teaching a group of kids, you’ll want to ensure that they get the best out of your lessons as possible.


In both scenarios, you may notice that a child is acting out. Sometimes, it’s easy to believe that this is down to bad behavior. But it may not be the case. There’s usually a root cause and it can help for you to figure that out.


Challenging Behaviors

It’s important to identify these, as you may be able to turn them around. Challenging behaviors include prolonged crying, being aggressive, screaming, using bad language, running away, refusal to be involved or do schoolwork.


Potential Causes

It could be that the child’s skills aren’t quite developed yet or that they misunderstand the rules or social expectations. They could even struggle to communicate their needs or understand direction. So it’s important to know that these could be causes of the challenging behavior.


Supporting Positive Behaviors

Then, it could help to support positive behaviors to help reduce the more challenging ones. This includes scheduling breaks at school, interacting one on one more, modifying routines, and even scheduling the right times and activities to help them.


If you’d like more information on encouraging positive behavior, just take a look at the infographic below.

Encourage Positive Behavior
Infographic Design By Regis College’s Behavioral Analysis Program

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