4 Ways to Help Your Kids Get Into Their Dream College

You might be surprised to hear that there are plenty of kids that dream of going to college. Why is this surprising? Well, we often think that kids don’t care about their future or aren’t aware of its significance. But, once they reach a certain age they will often start thinking about this and considering what it means. Some will want to go to Harvard, others to Brown and many more to MIT.

The problem is that schools like this can be notoriously difficult to get into. Many of these schools are looking for nothing less than the best students. So, how can you help your child achieve their goal and get accepted by their dream college.

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A Hook

You need a hook to get into a college, which is also known as a unique selling point. It could be anything from a social activity to a special skill. For instance, if you have a significant level of experience in a musical instrument, this could certainly play in your favor. It all depends on the type of skill that matches your personality. This is something that is brought up in college interviews and that will help your child rise beyond the boundaries of their competition which will of course, be other students.


Yes, you do need to make sure that your child is a member of at least one sports team. Now, you might think that you need to be the leader of the team like the quarterback for this to have an impact. While that is certainly beneficial, it’s not the only reason colleges are interested in sports. Colleges are looking for students who are going to excel and succeed beyond their college careers. They want to be able to point to them as a prime example of why other students should want to be accepted into their school. Being a member of a sports team suggests that someone is a team player.

Extra Education

It’s also worth exploring the potential of additional levels of education. You should be exploring opportunities where children will be able to increase their knowledge and their ability in a particular subject. Summer schools are the perfect way to do this. With summer schools, you will also be able to help your child form stronger social groups that are going to benefit them in the long term.

Summer programs high school students can benefit from are also great for avoiding the issue of the summer drought. This is basically where kids don’t do any school work for weeks on end and come back to school completely blank. Many experts suggest that this perceived doubt in education does impact their chances of reaching their max potential.

Rub Shoulders With The Right People

Last but not least, there is a certain level of needing to know the right people when you are trying to get your kids into their dream school. You need to network and get to know some of the individuals who understand how the college system works and what it takes to win.

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