Gifts That Help The Environment

When it comes to gift-giving, rather than provide another plastic-coated gift that won’t see out the next few months – it might just be time to start thinking about gifts that give back to the environment – and mean something too. 

It doesn’t matter what time of year you give these gifts, or indeed maybe it is just something that you want to do – what matters is the thought that goes into something. We all have a friend who is trying to improve their carbon footprint, their Eco-friendly status, and do good for the earth – so help them on their way with some of these gift ideas. 

Bamboo Toothbrush

Photo by Ignacio F. on Unsplash

Fair Trade

Fair trade gifts are the way to go on everything from chocolate to coffee. It is the partnership between developed countries and developing countries that ensures that the growers and makers of the products are getting a fair deal on what they are doing. It is based on transparency and respect and looks to have a level of sustainability for the people providing the goods. You should always do your research on fair trade products to make sure you understand what you are buying and the impact it has. 

Tooth Time

Plastic toothbrushes pretty much always end up in the landfill after a few months. And if you are outraged about straws, then these are worth your consideration too. Bamboo toothbrushes are recyclable and so are much kinder to the environment. You can have some that have charcoal-activated bristles and accompanying charcoal toothpaste will ensure that you get a really deep clean without the Eco-impact. 


If your friend has a habit of grabbing coffee and bottles of water on the go, it might be time to solve that problem. Give them a high-quality flask for cold beverages and an on-the-go thermal coffee flask so that they can bring everything they need on short or long journeys. There are some you can buy, like the Tree Tribes range that plants 10 trees every time one is purchased – a double whammy on the happiness for the earth. 


Millions of people are still buying countless plastic shopping bags when they head to the supermarket. However, you can help them to curb that habit by giving them a set of really cool reusable bags. In fact, there are even tutorials on how to make shopping bags out of old t-shirts – if you are looking for an even more refreshing way to be environmentally friendly. 


To reduce chemical usage, soap nuts have been really making an impact. Combine it with natural Indian soap and their clothing will get clean, and not a single harmful chemical will make its way out into the world – which is pretty neat! They are also allergy-free. 


You don’t have to do everything at once, nor does your gift recipient. Just help them along their journey with a few small items, and those smaller impacts will soon grow into a much bigger one.

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