How To Learn To Like Wine

Do you ever feel left out when your friends are enjoying a glass of wine over dinner and you still think it tastes like vinegar? If you thought learning to love wine would just happen as you grew up, but it never did, you can still learn to have an appreciation for wine. Perhaps you want to understand the appeal for social occasions or to feel more adult, follow these tips to learn to like the grape. 

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The way wine is served can make a big difference to the flavor, so if you find wine doesn’t taste right to you, it’s worth trying it as it should be served to see if that improves the taste for you. Pour a glass of wine and let it sit for three to five minutes. Newly opened wine should be allowed to be exposed to air to let it oxidize a little. This can help to mellow the flavor and make the wine taste a little fuller. 

The right glass will trap the aroma of the wine, giving you a fuller experience as you taste it. White and red wines should be served in different glasses; ask a wine-loving friend if you’re not sure what glass you should use. Swirl the wine gently to get the aromas going, and put your nose into the glass to smell it. You might smell anything from tea to red fruits. While smelling the wine isn’t essential, the aromas can begin to prepare your taste buds for the flavor of the wine, and makes for an all-around experience. 

Take a sip of the wine, letting it flow around and under your tongue to get the full range of the flavor. Swallow, and then breathe in through the mouth to let air flow over your taste buds, which can cause the flavors to change. Take a moment to notice what you can taste. There are no wrong answers, but learning to notice different notes of the flavor can help you appreciate the wine more, instead of just finding it tastes bad to you. 

Try and make a note of things you liked and didn’t like about different wines you have tried, so you know what to look for next time. For example, if you find you enjoy more new world wines, try a modern brand like Troublemaker wine to see if this appeals to you more than older-style wines. Get Troublemaker wine online here. You might be surprised by what you find you enjoy, so keep trying different styles of wine, and asking friends for recommendations. Learn to read labels to identify things you like when you’re shopping for wine. 

Many people learn to appreciate wine by pairing it with food. When you’re out for dinner, if you’re in a restaurant with a specialist wine waiter, ask them for a suggestion for a great wine that will go with your meal. The right wine will enhance and be enhanced by the flavors of the food and you may find you enjoy it far more than just a glass on its own. 

Experiment with different kinds of wine. Try white, red, or rose wines, and then try sweet and dry styles. Try wines from different countries to see if you have a taste for the wine of a particular place. Compare old and new wines to see if age makes a difference to your enjoyment. 

A wine tasting can be a great way to try a wide range of wines without spending a fortune, and without the waste of buying a bottle and finding you don’t like it. Book a tasting with friends to learn more about wine and ask the expert leading the tasting to help you identify the right wine for you. You might find your new wine knowledge helps you appreciate the drink more too. 

If you’re on vacation in an area known for its wine production, why not go on a wine tour or visit a vineyard? Vineyards are beautiful places, so even if you find you don’t really enjoy the wine you try, you’ve still visited a beautiful place and supported local industry. You can try some wines while you’re there and might just find a new favorite. 

Find a friend with other similar tastes and ask what wine they enjoy. For example, if you usually love coffee, or are usually a gin drinker, ask a friend who also loves these things which wines they like best. If you have other similar tastes, you might also like the same wines, as you obviously have some similarities in your taste preferences.

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