How to Ace the Fancy Dress Party

Every so often, we may be invited to the fancy dress party, for work or by a friend. But, after saying yes there is a big problem. The choice of what to wear. This is a small guide into what you could dress as the next time you get invited!

A Cheerleader!

Group of Cheerleader on Green Field

Image Source, Pexels


This is a good go too when it comes to fancy dress parties! There are plenty of costumes around that can make anyone look like a dashing cheerleader! You can even visit a wig store and find the best wigs to match your look!

Mario and Luigi!

Focus Photo of Super Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi Figurines

Image Source, Pexels


Everyone knows about Mario and his friends, and just like the cheerleading outfits, Mario and Luigi are hugely popular choices for fancy dress parties. Also, if you have a group of people going to the party, you could all possibly dress as the entire Mario gang! That is how you rock a fancy dress party!

Solider Costumes

This is another option, and it is also a pretty cheap costume if you do it right! Get your hands on some camo print clothes or a hat. Pair it with some face paint and some accessories and voila you have become a soldier!

Wheres Wally?

This is a good option if you want to hide…well not necessarily but wheres wally is a world recognizable character so this would be an awesome choice as a fancy dress character! This is also a really easy character that can be done very cheaply. If you get your hands on a red and white striped top and some rounded frame glasses and you are done!

Dress Like a Banana, or Another Fruit?

This seems to be a common staple for fancy dress parties. Whichever party you go to no matter who goes, there will always be someone dressed as a piece of fruit. They are also all over eBay and Amazon so they are easy to get hold of!

Grim Reaper

If you want to be grim, and love to walk on the dark side, then the grim reaper could be a good choice for your fancy dress party!

A Roman

Be part of history and dress like a roman! Another one of the cheaper and easier costumes to get hold of, with mainly a white robe and gold accessories. Then, welcome to Rome!

Dress Like a Celebrity

Mariah Carey Holding a Microphone

Image Source, Pexels


Have you got a favorite celebrity? Why not dress like them! You have images on Google to follow and get inspiration from.


This is just a small selection of ideas that you could use for the next fancy dress party you get invited too. This is also a reminder that not all costumes that you could do have to be expensive. You can look amazing and stun the party, whilst at the same time being very nice to your wallet. Also making your own costumes can be a good way to engage your creativity skills, so its a win-win situation!


So, go out there, and slay the party!


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