Property Trends to Watch Out for in 2021

Property Trends


As the world prepares for the post-pandemic landscape, experts in the property market have started sharing their predictions for 2021.

The government-mandated lockdown had changed the way people viewed their homes. They realized that the space, in these unprecedented times, needs to encompass a diverse range of environments-including an office, a gym, and an entertainment area.

This collective introspection is leading the charge in property trends for 2021.

What’s Happening in 2021?

People will be using their experiences in 2020 to guide them in property-related decisions in the following year. This means more attention will be put on crisis preparedness and response. This translates to the following property trends.

Suburban Appeal and Mixed-Use Urban Units

In the last few months, urban residential properties saw people move away from them and into suburban areas. As companies plan for a permanent shift to remote work, the appeal to stay in the city has disappeared. Property experts expect this to continue into 2021. Not only are suburban options cheaper, but they are also often closer to extended families.

However, mixed-use developments enjoy the benefit of providing comfort and convenience to its residents. Experts predict that people choosing to stay or move to the city will opt for these types of properties because of their offered amenities.

Properties with Space for Home Office

As mentioned, remote work will be a permanent set-up in the following months. This offers employees several benefits, including a better work-life balance. Since they no longer have to spend hours a day commuting for work, they have more time for personal activities.

This will influence future buyers to look for property options that give them enough space for a home office. By having a space allotted to work, employees don’t have to rearrange living areas or occupy dining tables.

Interior designers have also advised homeowners to do this to create clear lines of separation between their professional and personal lives.

Better Digital Real Estate Services

It is no longer an option to be absent in the digital landscape. With the majority of the global population stuck at home, reliance on video-call apps and other technology became stronger. Even though lockdown protocols eased, homebuyers still prefer to go online for research, purchases, and other things.

Real estate agents and property firms are expected to enhance their online services to meet demand. This includes property walkthroughs via live video and online banking options for payments. These are all a direct response to the need for contactless transactions. ;

Demand for Greenery and Natural Features

The presence of natural lighting and greenery make residential properties more visually appealing. These features also play a role in improving the homeowners’ well-being. As health and wellness continue to take precedence, these elements will be highly sought after in 2021. It means properties with plenty of windows or offer garden spaces will be in demand.

As the world prepares to move away from 2020, people have begun planning for next year. These plans include finding investment opportunities or even a new home. Regardless of the global pandemic, the property market is expected to remain resilient in the coming months.

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