Redesigning Homes to Accommodate a Pandemic Life

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, our homes now double as an office, schools, gyms, or theaters. It is one of the ways we have learned to live with a virus, especially since the COVID-19 vaccine is still nowhere in sight. But living for months in a tight space with multiple functions has led many homeowners feeling suffocated. So, they have undertaken projects to redesign their homes to make them more suitable for pandemic life.

If you feel the same, here are some projects and updates you can take or integrate into your home:

Revive the forgotten rooms

Home offices, morning rooms, and pantries are expected to make a comeback. Instead of setting your laptop down in the kitchen or coffee table, you may want to have a home office or library. You can shut the door for better sound control and work-life balance, which are needed in today’s work-from-home era.

Morning rooms are a great addition to any home. Here, you can meditate, eat breakfast, or read a book. You can hang out here anytime you need to have a break from a monotonous work-from-home schedule.

Bigger pantries are making a comeback to ensure people have enough space for two weeks’ worth of food. These spaces allow you to limit your grocery trips and have better inventory control of your food.

Bigger Pantry

The lack of space was the reason these rooms were forgotten. But with clever design and minimalism style, you can squeeze these forgotten rooms into your home’s existing square footage.

Have a living room suitable for your lifestyle

Our living area is no longer just a space to entertain and impress our guests. Now, the living room is the perfect place to have an active rest at home after hours of working on a laptop and attending a bunch of Zoom calls. It’s time to make better use of our living rooms by decluttering them to create more floorspaces or surfaces. Families can play board games or video games, watch Netflix series, or simply hang out and have a conversation.

Get more outdoor square footage

Getting stuck at home without a glimpse of the outdoors can take a toll on our mental health. Many people have adapted by creating an urban jungle by designing their rooms with Insta-worthy indoor plants. Others even built a garden and patio to reclaim their outdoor space and turn it into something relaxing.

Condo Gardening

If you live in a high-end condominium, you probably have pools, parks, and other amenities that serve as an extension of your unit’s outdoor square footage. But it doesn’t hurt to let your unit or balcony have a semblance of outdoor life. One easy way to do that is to incorporate tropical or Boho-inspired elements.

As we continue to live in the coronavirus pandemic era, our homes need to be our best defense against the virus and other illnesses. But as we redesign our homes to have multiple functions, we should not forget their primary purpose and that is to be a space where we can relax, rest, and be at peace.

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