Thing To Do with Your Kids This Summer

Here are a few ideas to do with your kids during the summer!


My boys love watching movies, it can be in theaters or just sitting in the living room with popcorn and candy. First, we decide on what movie to watch, we usually have to give them two to choose from otherwise, they will take all night to decide on one. Once we have decided on a movie, then we will start making the popcorn, and gathering drinks and candy. Popcorn with ranch seasoning is a must for our boys, my husband likes M&M’s in his popcorn and I like mine with pickles. Needless to say, we must always have these items in stock at our house.


Water balloons

Water balloons are always a hit in our house. Boys will be boys, they love fighting each other and being super competitive. We give them each an ice chest full of water balloons, if not they will run out too fast! They like to attack each other but sometimes decide to attack my husband and I, so of course, we have our secret stash to get them back. When we get tired of being hit, we will set out targets for them to hit instead of us!

Water balloon Fun

Splash Pads

Splash pads are always a favorite because they enjoy playing with other kids. The splash pad we like to visit has a play area right next to it! When they get tired of the water they just run right over to the play area.  When we plan to make a trip to this splash pad we always take water and fruit to hold them over till lunch. I’ll usually check the weather before we head out, if it’s not going to be 100 degrees out, I’ll pack a picnic for us. But if it is humid and too hot we will just grab lunch at a nearby restaurant.


The beach is a must. Our boys love making sandcastles, and shell collecting! This trip always takes a little more planning for us. first off, we usually like to go with friends, so we have to see when everyone is available to go. secondly, we need the ice chest full of drinks and snacks. We like to pack our lunch so we can have a picnic that afternoon. But sometimes we choose to bbq so that will require loading the grill also. Thirdly, we pack all the beach toys, games, and chairs! We like to play Spike Ball, Volleyball, and frisbee.

Kids at the Beach



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