5 Housework Shortcuts

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When it comes to housework, there aren’t shortcuts as such, for, unfortunately, such physical tasks involve time and effort.  Whilst there are some things you can do to automate certain tasks, for instance, getting a dishwasher rather than washing the dishes yourself, when it comes to the majority of tasks it’s more about optimizing your efficiency by using the best products and techniques rather than taking shortcuts.

Indeed, some shortcuts might seem like they are saving you time but often result in you having to do something twice.  Of course, the best housework shortcut is to hire someone to do your housework for you.  

Whilst this might seem like an expensive option, it depends on how you look at it, for if you were to pay $10 per hour for a cleaner to come and clean your house – but you have a business where you earn $20 an hour, for your time, it would make financial sense for you to outsource your cleaning – meaning it’s not such an extravagant expense as some people think; indeed, it can be quite a frugal step to take.

In the alternative, akin to how a dishwasher takes care of your dirty washing up, and a washing machine takes care of your dirty clothes, a robotic vacuum such as the ones you can find on this site here can reduce one of the most time-intensive and physically arduous aspects of cleaning.

Rather than provide “housework shortcuts” in the sense of tips on how to clean your fridge and oven quicker, this article looks at the process of getting your house in order, so that when it comes to cleaning it’s more of a maintenance task that takes just a few minutes a day. 

After all, the majority of “untidy” houses tend to be cluttered and full of junk, rather than dirty, as cleaning the oven tends to be a pretty simple process compared to sorting out your house from the perspective of making it less messy and chaotic.

Once you have given it a deep clean, from there, you can feel much less overwhelmed when it comes to keeping on top of your housework.



If you are always searching through the clutter to find items such as your car keys, or perhaps when it comes to packing for your holiday you are left frantically going through drawers in a hurried attempt to find your passport… there’s a good chance your home is too cluttered and disorganized; causing practical and emotional chaos in your life. The first step, therefore, is that of decluttering which naturally leads to the next phase of ‘getting organized’… as it’s very challenging to get organized if your home is full of clutter everywhere.



From an emotional perspective, most people have a psychological need for order within their home to feel calm and grounded.  This feeling of emotional stability, rather than instability is closely tied in with how organized your life feels, particularly within your home. When you have decluttered your home and become more organized, the next step is to get rid of the junk in your home – as the process of getting organized usually means shedding a lot of paperwork and items you no longer need.



Whether it’s removing the clutter from your house in terms of old clothes and paperwork or removing garden waste or even heavy rubble, this process can be time-consuming and arduous – meaning you might want to outsource this aspect, or perhaps, hire a van for a weekend and use this van to cart your trash to a local refuse site.  This should be an emotionally cleansing and cathartic experience that links in with the next step of cleansing your home.



The act of cleaning your home isn’t a purely physical experience; whilst cleaning is a practical activity it is also an activity that can benefit you emotionally and spiritually.  It can be cathartic to go through your home and clean every corner of it as this process will cleanse the energy and emotion stored within your home, and can be a very soothing experience.


  1. RENEW

Now that your home is fresher, you can focus more on the interior design of your property And inject some new vibrancy into your home with a lick of paint, upgrade the carpet, or purchase a few new items.   In the alternative, if you’re on a budget, then consider upcycling some of your old furniture and revamping it to freshen up the feel of your home.

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