Tips To Keep Kids Safe Around The Home

We want to protect our children from the world, but there are also dangers within our home that we need to look out for. Accidents will happen, and you can’t have your eyes and ears on them at all times. So here are some tips to keep kids safe around the home.

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Teach Basic Hygiene

Basic hygiene is one of the necessities that’s worth teaching your children because, as you’ll probably know or come to learn, they touch anything and everything. When they’re around the home, you don’t really know what they may have touched, so always remind them to wash their hands before meals so that they understand about personal hygiene and keeping themselves safe from germs. Other basic hygiene, such as cleaning up after themselves and ensuring they brush their teeth properly, will help keep them clean and healthy too. When cooking, remind them of cooking everything properly, and if they want to eat raw dough, they can try this edible cookie dough recipe.


Keep Sharp Objects Locked Away 

There are plenty of everyday objects that you wouldn’t think are dangerous, but to a child, they can be extremely dangerous. Small pebbles that might sit in a plant pot, for example. It’s something as insignificant as this that small hands can get hold of, think of it as something to eat, and then try to put it into their mouths. More obvious objects like kitchen knives in drawers that are low down should be raised higher up. Try and baby-proof your home. Even if your child is now at the toddler stage as this is the prime time that they’ll go exploring around the house, picking up anything and everything. 


Switch Out Your Chemical Cleaning Products

Cleaning products may keep the home smelling fresh and clean, but there are some very harmful products that are likely living within reach of your child. Where you can, try to put locks on cupboard doors that you don’t want them to have access to, the cleaning cupboard being a perfect example. However, to ensure it’s completely child-proof, it might be worth switching out your chemical cleaning products for natural alternatives. There are plenty of household and natural products that you can use to do exactly the same job in your home. 


Install Self-Locking Gates

For small toddlers, exploring is their thing as soon as they are able to crawl or stand up and walk. So now your whole home becomes their playground, and this can make them even harder to keep up with. If it helps, it may be worth installing some self-locking gates so that you can keep certain areas off-limits during the day. It definitely helps to have them at the top and foot of your stairs, in the kitchen, and wherever there may pose a danger.


People are more likely to injure themselves in the home rather than anywhere else, and the same can be said for children. Do what you can to child-proof your home!

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