Four Things to Consider when Buying Preselling Condos


The process of buying and preselling property can be hectic and challenging for the average homebuyer. More often than not, first-time buyers get disappointed with the choice they make, especially when the property they chose turns out to be overpriced or unable to meet their needs.


So before making the final decision on a property, it’s essential to exercise due diligence and follow the proper, albeit inconvenient and cumbersome, process. Here’s a rough rundown of a streamlined process in choosing and buying a property.


Be Critical of the Developer

Usually, home buyers are apprehensive when buying preselling condos because the finished property might be different from the property that was marketed to them. In some serious cases, the property fails to materialize at all, and the buyer gets nothing from the hefty investment that they made.


Fortunately, you can avoid these scenarios if you take your time in choosing a reliable and trusted developer. Established developers have the necessary competencies and are capable of delivering what they promise.


So before scrutinizing the model, research the developer first. The company must have a history of successful developments and a huge pool of happy homeowners.


Read the Fine Print, Ask the Right Questions

In the process of buying condos, you end up coordinating with both consultants and developers of the property. Make the most of the meetings by asking relevant questions and going through the legal documents with a fine-toothed comb.


During your conversations with them, exhaust all your inquiries regarding the contract, so that you know the things that are covered as part of the purchase price. You should also express your expectations and make sure that they are included in the contract.


Be Critical of the Display Model Unit

The fact that you are buying a non-existent property means that you should keenly inspect the model unit. The model units usually are polished versions of the property. Bear in mind that these are dressed up by professional interior designers. In some cases, they even have custom-made furniture that fits every nook and cranny, down to the last inch. They are deliberately made to look perfect, so they may not reflect the real thing.


After checking this particular model, make the necessary inquiries, especially those that concern the finishing. In case there are defects in the condo, the contract should stipulate how the developer should settle them.


Follow the Market Conditions Carefully

Investors find preselling condos very useful since they’re sure that the value of the property will increase the moment they’re finished. However, risks that affect the value may arise. To prevent such a scenario, ensure you are well-versed in the current and prevailing market conditions.


Take buying and selling of preselling condo in Ortigas Ave, for instance. To maximize profit, it is paramount to play the game well. A practical and reliable way of achieving success is by staying informed about the prevailing market conditions. An in-depth search can do the trick.

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Once you’ve exercised due diligence and chosen a property, you have the peace of mind that you’ve made a smart financial decision. You’ll have a beautiful, accessible home, a possible income stream, and a lucrative investment.

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