Yes, Putting Plants Inside Your House Will Benefit Your Well-being

Take a look at your Instagram and Pinterest feeds. You’ll notice that a lot of your friends are into gardening and planting. Why is that? Why is there a sudden interest in taking care of succulent plants, shrubberies, and potted plants? Horticulturists say that indoor houseplants boost moods, productivity, and creativity. They also reduce stress and fatigue, as well as respiratory illnesses. It’s the cheapest therapy that will instantly improve your physical and mental well-being.

There are many ways you can incorporate plants in your home. For example, you can mix vertical garden artificial plants with real plants. Even the sight of greenery in your home will already uplift your mood. Even in color psychology, green is associated with nature and, thus, it makes people think about plants, flowers, and forests. Many people find the color green refreshing and tranquil.

Vertical Planting

Protection Against Pollution

The worst source of pollution is not the air outdoors but the air indoors. The air in your home circulates in the same area. This means that the toxins and contaminants circulate in the air you breathe even while sleeping. These toxins come from synthetic building materials, airborne mold, and other pollutants. They can cause headaches, nausea, sinus and congestion, fatigue, dizziness, irritation of the eyes, and nervous system disorders.

A study found that the bromeliad plant can remove more than 80% of six volatile organic compounds in 12 hours. The dracaena plant can remove 94% of acetone in the air. Of course, the purification ability of indoor plants depends on the size of the room, the amount of toxins in the air, and the size of the plants.

Stress Reduction

Why do you feel the need to go to the beach or walk in the park when you feel stressed out? It’s because nature has this incredible power of reducing mental fatigue and stress. This is why many offices are incorporating plants into their interior spaces. They have been proven to increase productivity and boost the morale of the workplace. Employees will also take fewer absences and sick days since plants in the office prevent respiratory diseases and other illnesses.

This reduction in stress is also the reason people who surround themselves with plants feel better mentally and emotionally. A horticultural expert says that people feel “at home” with nature. This is because ancient civilizations “evolved” in grasslands surrounded by trees and plants.

Productivity Boost

In an office setting, employee productivity will increase by 15% after plants have been introduced in the design. Even in your own home, the presence of plants can improve your productivity. You’ll find that you’re accomplishing more things when there are plants in the room. Since the plants reduce stress and anxiety, this has a direct effect on a person’s ability to focus on tasks.

Such reasons are also the logic behind the popularity of essential oils in today’s society. Many households use essential oils to boost their family’s immune system, as well as to remove toxins in the air. But take note that this is not a guarantee that you won’t suffer from any illnesses. Natural therapies and remedies are generally accepted in the medical field. But you should still consult with your doctors when you experience symptoms.

Essential Oils

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