Tips For Fighting Summer Heat

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Now that winter is finally over and the many crazy storms seem to have passed us by, the weather is getting much warmer and it is time to start thinking about summer.

Whether you are working towards your summer body already or you simply want to enjoy the warmer temperatures and the fresh air, summer can be a great time to enjoy.

Today we want to talk about some simple tips to keep you cool and comfortable as the weather gets warmer so that you can enjoy every summer day to the fullest.


Plan around the sun

Usually, the peak time to leave the house and be out and about is lunchtime, but during the summer this time of day is simply the hottest and most difficult to deal with. To keep yourself healthy and happy, think about planning activities in the morning and later in the afternoon to avoid the harshest rays of the day.

Dress happy

To enjoy your time in the summer sun, it is important to wear clothes that are thin and ones that give you a chance to breathe. Whether you must wear Muslim swimwear or you have a medical issue to cover up, cotton and linen clothes are floaty and cool. Wearing cooler clothes and ones that don’t cling to the body will make you much more comfortable and keep you cool all day!

Keep lotion in the fridge

One of the best cool tips we have for you is to keep lotion and after sun in the fridge ready to enjoy. After a day out in the warm sun, there is nothing better than being able to wash and moisturize the skin with cold lotion!


Stay Hydrated

The most important thing to remember when you are out in the summer sun all day is that the body will need more water because it will become dehydrated much more easily. Make sure wherever you travel while the summer sun is out that you bring along a bottle of water. You should be drinking around 2 liters of water a day at least to stay hydrated and you can even use some to pour over yourself if you get too hot. A great tip for super hot days is to freeze a water bottle overnight and then bring it with you and it will melt through the day providing you with perfectly chilled water.


Light bites

The temptation when we are super hungry is to make food that comes in a nice big hot pot, but often this food is too hot for us to eat and it makes us feel uncomfortable. Instead of making batches of hot food, try making up batches of pasta salads, salad, and other cold meals. This way you’ll still get to enjoy fresh and healthy food but it won’t increase your body temperature!

Get in the shade

If there is one good piece of advice to take from this list, find shady spots and stay there. The sun can be harsh throughout the day and shade can be a great way to escape and keep yourself safe.

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