Here’s Why Our Bodies Hate Us

Yes, your body can most definitely hate you. Sometimes it just gets to the point in life where you feel like your body isn’t vibing with you anymore. You might wake up feeling completely rubbish, and you’ll go to sleep feeling the same way. The truth is we’re at fault here. Unless you have an underlying medical condition that makes you feel the way that you do, chances are you’re the one at fault and you’re the only one who can do something about it. If you do have an underlying condition and you feel as though it’s not being managed properly, make sure that you do something about it. You can go to your consultant who manages your condition if you have one, or you could simply go to your local doctors and be referred to different services. If neither of those apply to you, it’s time to dig into the reasons why your body might be hating on you right now. All you have to do is keep on reading and we might be able to give you a tip or two that will help you to feel amazing by the time that the summer comes around. Keep on reading to find out more.


Wake Up Tired, Exhausted, Frustrated


Spending Too Much Time Doing Nothing

This is one that so many people can relate to, yet would struggle to relate to at the same time. As soon as you go into full-time work it can be so easy to feel as though you are hard done by. Everything that you do revolves around work and going home, and we know some readers might only be going home to their parent’s homes. If you’re one of those people and you’re struggling to balance work and your social life, yet spend a lot of time in bed binging Netflix, then you should quickly realize that you have more time on your hands than you thought you did. With that time you can put it to good use and do something that’s going to make your body and mind feel good, and we think you’re going to know what’s coming next. Whether you’re living at home still or have moved out and have your own little minions to look after, getting fit and feeling healthy should be at the top of your list. You become such a better person if you just take the time to get fit. Those endorphins rushing around your body will give you that boost of energy and happiness that your body has been missing. Plus, you’ll get your body into shape whilst doing it. If you have a bit of a gym phobia, get yourself a gym partner. Or, you could start by going twice a week for classes where there will be people of all sorts of abilities. Even if you don’t choose the gym, choose to do something with your life that means you’re not vegetating around and feeling rubbish.


Binging Terribly

When it comes to the weekend we all like a snack or two. But if you’re finding that you’re always snacking every single day, and snacking has turned into a whole pack of biscuits, you might need to ask yourself what it’s doing to your body. Although it might taste so good to eat, all the fat that binge food contains is going to sit in your stomach. All of the sugars are going to turn into fat, and eventually, the weight is going to start piling on. Not only this, but binge eating massively slows down and disrupts your metabolism. All of a sudden it’s being filled with junk food that it finds hard to process. This then slows down all of the other systems in your body, and after the initial high of eating such great junk food your body slumps. Your mind and your body go into a binge hangover and it’s just not what your body needs. So where possible, limit yourself to one binge eating evening a week. Preferably a Friday or Saturday where you’ll be joining the rest of the nation who loves to do the same come the weekend. Doing it only one day a week is going to reduce the impact it has on your body.


Work-Life Bringing You Down? 

Well, if this isn’t something we can all relate to. Work-life can easily bring people down because it tends to become our whole lives. Our work life is the way that we earn our money and for many of us, it’s a great form of socialization. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t know how to make us feel rubbish from time to time. One of the ways our bodies can hate us for being at work is being in front of the computer all day long. The computers are so harsh on our eyes without even realizing it. In fact, it’s the law to have a 5-minute break every hour to protect our vision. Over the years you may notice changes to your vision, especially when using the computer screens. Digital eye strain is a really big problem, but it can be solved by finding out if you need to have the aid of glasses or not. You also need to make sure you’re being sensible and taking that 5-minute break. Not only can it be bad for your eyes, but bad for your mentality as well. It can be so draining to do the same thing over and over again and don’t even get us started on how our backs are going to be by the end of it. Posture makes a big blow for those working in an office, so make sure you’re always doing yoga exercises and posture correcting exercises to keep your back in the right position.


Brain Dead

Sometimes if you feel like all you’re ever doing is going to work and then going home to do the same thing, over and over again, it’s easy to feel as though you’re going a bit brain dead, and your body will hate you for it. That feeling of being ‘meh’ can come in waves, and it often comes when you have spent endless amounts of minutes scrolling through social media, flicking through Netflix, and seeing how you can message. Rather than letting your brain go dead like this, try doing some brain training exercises. There are games literally designed for it, and we’d recommend that you give them a go. It can be anything from a crossword, to actually buying a game like you can for the Nintendo Switch that gives you plenty of brain training exercises. Your brain will definitely thank you in the years to come when it keeps on developing, rather than going stale.


Craving Love & Affection 

Everyone craves love and attention, and your body can begin to hate you for not having enough of it. There are two types of love and affection that you can have. Ones that come from yourself, and that from others. The one we crave the most without even realizing it is the love and affection we can give ourselves. How often do you put that first? You might do the odd face mask once a month, but if you go no further than that then you’re really not showing your body the love and affection that it needs. What you can do, however, is change it up to having a daily routine. Get up in a good amount of time and have a wash, cleanse, and tone. Your face is instantly refreshed ready for the day. Do the same in the evening, and do a face mask every three evenings. Instantly you’re practicing a simple form of self-love that your body will appreciate.

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